Nov 102015

just another day in cmnm officce

This sports team meeting turned into another hot day at the CNMN office where having hot guys pull down their trousers while other men in suits touch and fondle his cock is just business as usual. Everyone seems to be enjoying it, and not enjoying it at the same time. It’s very weird actually. What will these guys do next? It’s just so damn intriguing, I can’t wait to see what happens.

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Oct 152015

Spread Your Legs For Some CMNM Examination

Looks to me like this dude walked into the wrong bar. These rough looking bunch of hunks made him put his hands in the air and his pants on the ground. He was forced to stay completely still while they gave a through CMNM examination of his entire body, including every inch and orifice. This is some dangerously kinky stuff. Don’t miss it!

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Oct 122015

Clothed Male Nude Male

CMNM stands for Clothed Male Nude Male and it is the hottest new gay humiliation niche. If you never heard of it, this is your chance to check out some hot scenes. This guy is at work and his male co-workers decided to play a naughty prank on the young stud. They remained naked, but they stripped him down to his bare ass. Now they can have some fun. They pull on his dick and show him sex toys that they may soon proceed to stick inside his ass.

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