Oct 192015

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This guy had no idea his buddies were going to laugh at him today. But to his surprise, they decided to turn this into Clothed Male Nude Male day, and it was his cock they were going to laughing at hysterically. At first he felt ashamed and embarrassed, but pretty soon the humiliation worse off and they were all having a good time. They can’t wait to do it again!

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Oct 132015

Nude Boxer Forced Into CMNM Action

When they told this nude boxer to take a dive, he had no idea it would be on top of a dressed man’s face! But all he had to do was squat down and lay his balls all over this anxious nude man’s lips, and he sucked his nuts and even his ass crack. This is forced CMNM, there is no other way to look at it. This poor fucking amateur boxer needed to get paid, so he made himself go through some very wicked humiliation.
Gay sports are always fun, whether it is kinky or not. This stuff right here is simply hilarious! When can I get some more???

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Oct 122015

Clothed Male Nude Male

CMNM stands for Clothed Male Nude Male and it is the hottest new gay humiliation niche. If you never heard of it, this is your chance to check out some hot scenes. This guy is at work and his male co-workers decided to play a naughty prank on the young stud. They remained naked, but they stripped him down to his bare ass. Now they can have some fun. They pull on his dick and show him sex toys that they may soon proceed to stick inside his ass.

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